Gary Lee’s Microdot Gnome new On-Line Single

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RELEASE DATE 10/21/2011 – Online Single

Microdot Gnome Single - Single - Microdot Gnome

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After ten years of shaking the corporate rock slime from his boots, former Screaming Trees guitarist Gary Lee Conner has emerged unfazed on the other side and is ready to throttle this spooky action known as the Microdot Gnome to the ends of eternity. Now hiding out on a small compound in central Texas, Gary Lee is now revisiting the mind-bending rock that made him well known around the world in Screaming Trees. In addition to showing off his guitar work, Gary Lee has added mellotron, harpsichord and brass instruments create a soundscape that may at times seem reminiscent of the Screaming Trees 1996 release Dust. The Microdot Gnome first signaled their existence in 2010 with the self-released album 4D Sugarcubes, and now here on Strange Earth Records the Microdot Gnome is embarking on a journey through the light years towards a time all its own. Come on along for the ride.




Release Information:

The Microdot Gnome Single
Track 1 – “Low Flying Bird”
Track 2 – “Julian Hades”
Recorded in San Angelo Texas USA 2011 – Engineered and Produced by Gary Lee Conner
Label: Strange Earth Records
Band: Gary Lee Conner (all instruments and vocals)