2012 will see many Strange Earth Releases

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I wanted to first thank you all for supporting real independent music in 2011. With the release of Screaming Trees “Last Words” on Barrett Martin’s Sunyata Label and the Microdot Gnome and Legend of Bigfoot releases on Strange Earth 2011 was just the start of a waterfall of great music coming your way.

We have a lot planned for you in 2012. Right now I working on firming up dates but here is what I am thinking right now.

Note: All dates are subject to change:

NEXT RELEASE – YB’s Altered Steaks – February 2012 (Go to the YB’s Page for more info)

VALIS – Minds Through Space and Time (our first vinyl lp release!) – Spring 2012
Mircodot Gnome “4D Sugar Cubes” Re-Release – Spring 2012
Microdot Gnome “TBD” All new full length record – Summer 2012
Solomon Grundy “Stone Soup and Other Stories” – At some point in 2012
VALIS/Kitty Kitty – Re-Release – First Ep originally released on Man’s Ruin” – At some point in 2012

We are also working with The Legend of Bigfoot on putting out their full length record but it is still in the works so we can’t even make a guess at when it will be ready and out.

And yes there are one or two more bands bubbling up from the underworld that we are in talks with so keep an eye out for more info soon!

Thanks again.

-Van Conner
Thunder Chief – Strange Earth Records