Album Preview: Mark Lanegan Band’s Blues Funeral

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Mr. Lanegan

On first listen to 2012′s Blues Funeral (out February 7th on 4AD), fans will notice that Mark Lanegan has expanded his familiar sound. There’s no hiding that raw, smoky voice, but musically the album stretches out further than 2004′s Bubblegum. Familiar dark bluesy rockers like “Bleeding Muddy Water” are counterpointed with sweeping electronics-heavy numbers like “Ode To Sad Disco.” Here, thumping drum machines and keyboard washes are just as likely to be found as scorching guitars. Thematically, though, the album is unwaveringly dark, as you’d expect from titles like “Phantasmagoria Blues,” “Gray Goes Black,” and “The Gravedigger’s Song.” Through it all, Lanegan is joined by some familiar friends: Dulli, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Jack Irons, Porno for Pyros’ Martyn LeNoble, QOTSA’s Josh Homme, and Eleven guitarist and producer Alain Johannes. Together they create a magical concoction, and if it’s said that the entire genre of the blues has actually died, through Mark Lanegan Band and Blues Funeral they’re positively reborn.