Van Conner’s Strange Earth Records Announces The Latest Release – YB’s “Altered Steaks”

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I present to you another Strange Earth Records release for your enjoyment and review. – Van Conner

Featuring Matt Vandenberghe of VALIS

Check out a great review of the record at 6 Days From Tomorrow.


Sometimes, the hardest part of writing up one of these things is knowing where and how to start.  Like this one for example.  I’ve had a dull week at work where nothing much has happened except for me getting a movable-type rubber stamp which I have been duly abusing for days on end (my personal fave can be viewed here), the predicted snow chaos didn’t happen anywhere near here and so held little interest, and that’s about it.

So it was nice to have the mundanity scuppered by the surprise arrival of this record from Seattle’s YB’s, a band I know next to nothing about (let alone what the YB stands for) making music that largely defies a cohesive description.  Of course, I could read and relate the info that accompanied this, but I always feel that doing so is cheating slightly, as well as ruining the surprise…

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