Minds through Space and Time review

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By: Troy Michael
Minds through Space and Time
(Strange Earth
Valis is a three-piece band from the Pacific Northwest featuring the Conner brothers – Van and Patrick – most notably from their bands Screaming Trees and Kitty Kitty. With Van on bass and Patrick on guitar, the brothers handle the vocals and have Matt Vandenberg handling the drum work.

Minds through Space and Time marks the eighth studio release from the band and their first on Strange Earth Records, which is owned by Van Conner. Like their previous efforts, the new release is dark in that don’t-go-in-the-woods-at-night feeling. The vocals aren’t as downtrodden as their previous work, but the songs do have that signature Northwest sound with Van Conner masterfully handling his bass while brother Patrick churns out sludgy, powerful guitar riffs. Side note: Patrick Conner is one of the most underrated guitar players from the 1990s.