Barrett Martin – Walking Papers

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walking-papersWalking Papers is a blues-rock band formed by Jeff Angell and Barrett Martin, two long-serving veterans of the Seattle music scene. Jeff previously sang and played guitar for the bands Post Stardom Depression and The Missionary Position, and Barrett, a drummer and multi-instrumentalist, played for grunge pioneers Skin Yard and Screaming Trees, as well as the super groups Mad Season and Tuatara.

The band played its first Seattle shows initially as a duo with Jeff on guitar and Barrett on drums, but soon added Duff McKagan on bass to make their official debut as a trio on July 22nd, 2012. Benjamin Anderson brought his keyboard talents from the studio to the live stage, evolving the band into a quartet. Pearl Jam and Mad Season guitarist Mike McCready has been known to make guest appearances on stage as the lead guitar player. Continue reading…

Screaming Trees Look Back at 20 Years of ‘Nearly Lost You’ | SPIN

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Screaming Trees Look Back at 20 Years of ‘Nearly Lost You’ | SPIN | The Making Of | It Was 20 Years Ago….

By the sounds of the interviews, seems like Mark and I have different opinions of this song. The title reads Seattle’s unsung heroes remember (and not fondly) the grunge-pop anthem and ‘Singles’ stand-out”.

I don’t think I said anything negative about that song in the interview. I think it was a good song. It was not my favorite on that record but it was good. Also how can I complain about the sucess it has had? That is not a negitive thing, for me at least. I am not sending any of my checks back!

I am proud of that record and what we did with it.

Just my 2 cents post interview….

_Van Conner